Removal of crafting table

After removing the carpenters table by accident it is nowhere to be found and cannot be remade, it’s also not in the stockpile where I watched my carpenter put it.


Had this same bug.
crafting table can not be replaced after being put in stockpile


Not sure I ever saw a crafting table in a stockpile but once, I decided to move the carpenter’s table, an hearthling took it but on his way, he dropped it because of noontime and of course he dropped it just under a jupiler tree! The iconized token was impossible to see from high so I had to put the camera at ground level and search for it everywhere, a real chore!

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You can’t place it again? If you go to the building menu->Place items tool, is it listed there?

Maybe it’s inside one of your citizens backpack?

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You can demote and promote your insert job here, which should allow you to build a new crafting table.
If this does not work out with the same heartling, just promote an other.

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Citizen’s backpack? I just started the town and i tried going to my inventory.

[{Update}] 10:00 PM

Found the backpack but cannot place the workbench

If I was able to post a photo of the problem I would

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if you upload the photo to, or a place like that, then we (the moderators) could embed it for you.