Relyss Qubicle Creations


Perhaps you should enter your Corgi here?

Stonehearth Kingdom Pet Competition

You may just solve your Home Edition problem!

I submitted the monkey days ago there, but I’ll try to change it with the corgi (plus the monkey I submitted was an old version). Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I was bored and decided to make square pizza and square paella. But I’m not happy with the result. Maybe some day I will revisit them.

(just killing time before the next round, the three-story :cake: is hard to bake :disappointed: ).

I’m having problems when rendering turntables, but luckily I finished all what I’m going to upload tomorrow onwards.

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I really like them, I’d try one voxel extra depth on the paella pot though… now I’m hungry :slight_smile:

It has one extra voxel of depth, but it isn’t visible from this angle because its one voxel smaller than the edge. Paellas are not very deep, though. The pizza looks the same on both sides :laughing:

This is my try at winter clothes (lie, I made this after the costumes :laughing: ). But I found it appropiate for the contest. I will submit a picture of this models just to see people reactions and get extra feed-back. Wait half an hour or so and I’ll have a whole strange wardrobe in this thread @_@


These are earmuffs, although they can be seen as headphones too. And in case someone preferred them to be squared, I made the squared version to see how it looks.

The square version looks like protection for loud noise to me.


These are different versions of wool caps. I prefer the first one, because it looks more round, but I used the squarish one to make the winter clothes.

Bear in mind they are just wip, they need other colors and clothes, obviously.


nice work! are you going to submit these models here? :+1:


My old/first versions of winter clothes… which gave me the idea of making costumes… beware the innocence of this series of models :blush:

I made them with the mage template, the one with the hood.


Final versions of winter clothes for kids:

Hope you like them (sorry for the round shapes :persevere: )


by the way, congratulations on your new title @Relyss:wink:

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Now, here is my present for @Froggy . Hope it’s not sickly sweet and you like it :persevere:
With this, I begin my uploading of costumes, which could be made by the weaver. However, I don’t think we’ll have many spare settlers at first, and I don’t know if people would like this idea as it’s a bit childish.

With this, any of your friend would know that it’s you from far away (at least in a city/costume party, I think). Hope you like it! :confounded:


Bear costumes (I couldn’t resist the urge to add ears to that hood :sob:) :

Maybe they lack a small tail or something.


they look great! but yes, a small “bushy” tail is in order…

Cat costumes:

With and without whiskers. The tail is not centered, because of the number of voxels, but it’s barely noticeable.
I tried to make a tiger version, but it doesn’t look good to me. Maybe the stripes direction is wrong…


They are all fantastic! Bravo! :slight_smile:

Especially the frog suit :smiley:

And finally, a rabbit costume. I prefer the version with forward ears, but I know they should be facing sideward because it’s realistic. I failed in copying the rabbit clan ears :dizzy_face:


no bias of course… thats based purely on artistic merits… yes? :smile:



Oh my god, I’m dying of cuteness… :tongue:

BTW, love the costumes.

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