Release 537 - Attempting to save massive template cause unhandled crash

Release 537 - Attempting to save template cause unhandled crash

While trying to save the biggest template I have made to date caused a massive ‘stall’ (entire loss of functionality) then an unhandled crash that prompted me with a windows pop-up asking to A) Close Stonehearth B) Wait until Stonehearth responds.

I gave it 10 mins and there was no response at which point I closed Stonehearth and relaunched. On relaunch I tried to save the template again. This time I only experienced the massive ‘stall’ but the template DID save. However the save function was NOT able to save an image to attach to the saved template.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch release 537
  2. Once in game attempt to place the following - (Please see *Notes)

attack on titan inner (153.9 KB)

  1. Once placed, select ‘Finished Editing’ and attempt to save
  2. Observe massive ‘stall’, possible unhandled crash, and no photo of template when selecting template from build tab

Expected Results:
User is able to save any template made within the intended confines of the title

Actual Results:
User is introduced to a multitude of unintended behavior resulting in a poor experience

This template is nearly 3MBs unzipped! You will need to have a clear path of flat ground in excess of 274x274-ish


Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 537 / None

System Information:

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You can also see I hit the glow wall bug! But that’s a known issue.

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