Release 256 causing registry issue

After installing the recent release I have been having registry issues where on boot up the computer will attempt to scan and repair the drive, referring to a long registry key. There was a similar issue to this with the Sims 3 which is well documented online for reference.

just gonna throw this in here, perhaps it should be in support-performance instead of just support.

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I doubt that this is related to Stonehearth - the game doesn’t do anything with the registry. What registry key is it trying to access? Do you have any more information on that?

I do. Basically it is one of the volume registries which is nested within the statistics of the dfrg file. So… Is it related to the game? Probably not. Did I have this issue prior to the install? Nope.

Still, it could be a coincidence - unless you rebooted your system, did nothing but install the game, rebooted it again and got this issue (which is unlikely).

What path did you install the game to? Does uninstalling the game solve the issue?

Honestly, this sounds like a drive that’s on it’s way out. I used to work in a computer shop, and depending on where on the hard disk the files were written, would trigger diskchecks, which most of the time would lead to disk failure. Have you tried installing it to a different disk?

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