Record model animations with Kinect

So the other day I found a game dev who are doing a voxel game that is similar to Cube World. I started reading, checked his Blog, Twitter and YouTube channel (I have an hour to get home from work, what better way to spend it?).

Anyway, this thread is perhaps not about the game, mostly about character animation (see topic).

Watched a video (link below) where he explains how to record character animations with a Kinect. I liked the idea of that. Could be very quick to record a new animation. Of course there are drawbacks as well; hard to animate animals in a good way, or monsters with extra limbs, resolution of movement (plus unwanted movements) etc. But it can also mean that the animation looks more alive instead of robotic.

It’s perhaps not like green clothing recording and putting Gollum on top, but still neat :blush: And I would love to see the livestream where Team Radiant draw stick of who gets to record the new bunny animations (with Kinect) :wink:

Just wanted to share it, links are below in case you’re interested. (gave dev blog)

Kinect video: