Recipe which can be crafted by anyone?

This is something which bothered me while planning out my Ecosystem mod and could help automate water gathering in the Cafe mod.

Is it possible to make a recipe which can be executed by any Hearthling, no matter what is their job? A ‘General’ tab could then be added to the Workshops menu where such recipes would be grouped for easier reference.

I don’t think you can without extensive programming. Currently, hearthlings who craft can be easily defined as crafters – this would include smith, carpenter, mason, etc. So the best you could do is give each one of those professions a separate recipe. The other professions simply don’t know how to craft.

You could try and write an action that uses some simplification of the crafter type job, and mixin that action to the general citizen definition. I don’t think it would be necessarily easy, though.

That’s what I was afraid of. My next question is what would happen if I added a recipe producing the same item to more than one crafter and ordered all the crafters to maintain a specific amount of it in the inventory. I’d expect them to keep the total count of that item on a specified level, because now when I have more than one Hearthling assigned to the same job and order them to maintain an item they keep the sum consistent. If it worked one could technically make all jobs crafters and give them that very recipe.

I think you assumption is correct, as long as they produce the same item and not a similar item.
What I mean is that the “produces” of all recipes should be pointing at the same alias in your manifest.