Real survival challenge?

After playing Stonehearth for a while, starting anew after each patch I started asking myself:
Is there any real challenge besides the Goblins? Is there any Survival challenge that would make it really hard to maintain a city and to keep your hearthlings alive even if on peaceful mode?
In Gnomoria the first winter can be a real challenge if you did not prepare properly and gnomes can die from thirst, not only from hunger.
In Banished life could be really evil. Banished was not my favorite game, some of the mechanics were kinda strange, but what I liked about it was the ability to start off really hard in a cold region, with next to no food, no good building spots and so on. It was a real fight to just keep the people alive long enough to even have 5-6 houses. (With the hard starting conditions they mostly froze to death)

Is there a way to simulate that in Stonehearth? To have a really difficult map, somewhere on a mountaintop with next to no food, only poor soil, rugged terrain, very few animals and building materials hard to come by? Where you have to make dirt houses because you need the wood to make fire for your hearthlings not to freeze and so on?

Is a temperature mechanic even planned? (There could be too hot climates too).
Can Hearthlings even starve to death? It never happened to me, I always found it too easy to get food.
Will there be thirst someday?

I really am looking forward to the food rotting but what else is there? And I do not mean Goblins and zombies, I mean environmental dangers.

Hearthlings can starve, and seasons are planned which will affect crops. Iā€™m unsure about temperature affects on hearthlings, though.


They also said natural disasters could come into play in the future.


I guarantee that there will eventually be mods to make survival more difficult and/or realistic, just as many mods (e.g., Terra Firma Craft) have done for Minecraft.