Race-exclusive classes?

The other day I was thinking about exactly what is impacted by the selection of races. I thought that decoration, play styles, music, and classes would be the most impacted by the differerent races. So, let’s talk about classes, since that’s the only subject I can be truly certain about! Races would have some classes that none other have. This could be for the sake of changing gameplay up, or, just because it would fit that race the most of all. For example, Raya’s children could have more varitey in magic-classes while the dwarves could have more inorganic-material oriented classes. But, this does not mean you cannot access race exclusive classes as other races. Let me give an example:

Ever since the town of Banana Beam had built a tavern, the local hapstence had been seeing a lot more variety in their visitors. One day, the Rayan Grandmaster Monk Shiuri Chen decided to visit while he and his fellow monks were hunting down a fearsome band of Ronin. Many of the townsfolk were intrested by his presence, but Michael the footman was the most fascinated of all. Chen decided that Michael was worth teaching to be a monk. He decided that his Fellow Monk Hikata would teach him their ways. And so, Michael eventually became a monk, and he and Hikata parted ways…

As I explained with that somewhat short story, what would happen is, unique visitors could, on very rare occasion, give the oppurtunity to teach their class to a hearthling that is capable of learning this class, but the hearthling would have to be willing, you would have to put a certain amount of effort into providing for their teacher, BUT, after the teacher has completed teaching their pupil, that class is now avaible for you to teach any of your hearthlings, but only the original pupil could become anything more advanced than the first-teacher-taught class. Not to mention this would take some time, not to mention the hearthling would have to take some time out of their day for the sake of learning from said teacher. On even RARER occasions, teachers would stay in town and help anybody who wasn’t their first pupil become a more advanced class.

Basically, it would be a long, hard, and lengthy process, but the payoff would be having a greater variety in classes than normal, and thus, being able to accomplish a multitude of task.

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Wow this sounds like pretty cool feature. Making one having to play a certain race to unlock all the unique features at once. Maybe even certain races will only give you a certain set of biomes to play in? (Rocky biome for the dwarves? Eh?)

I just think that you should select a race based on what biome you want to build in and what type of gameplay you like. Wanna play as a wandering band of vagabonds? Your best bet is the goblins. Wanna build a mountainous stronghold with lots of caves and stuff? Pick the Dwarves. Just a normal village? The ascendancy is your best bet.

you must remember that there is still the possibility of 3 playable human races, ot just the ascendancy…

Didn’t they reach the stretch goal in the kickstarter where they guarantee there will be 3 races of humans?


Yes but you never know, Radiant can be very surprising at times.

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Well, I just hope they’ll be suprising in a good way and give us a 4th type of human. Or a dfferent type of race entirely!