Rabbit Re-embarkment

Does it make a difference (for my next village) if i re-embark the geomancer rabbit ? (Amberstone Clan - the one i receive from completing all related quests, after the Titan Fight)
New quests, new answer options within quests … ?


Actually, you will even get the rabbit discovery quest again, as if you never met them :smiley:

:sweat_smile: :joy:

Hm Dani now when I think about it with these reembarkment tweaks I suggested it could be possible to add a new campaign condition checking if the player has citizens from given kingdom.

Also, I’d consider game master storing some kind of reembark flags so certain quests can start earlier/differently after reembarking (e.g. met_amberstone flag)

(it was in PM to Dani at Discord, basically job component and reembarkment file storing kingdom alias for some sanity checks)

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Those reembarkment tweaks you suggested have already been in ACE for a while (it’s saving a population_override value for foreign citizens in the job component, and then saving that value for every citizen in a reembark; it was implemented initially to fix the promotion tree in some circumstances, like NA orcs not being promotable to footman because they can’t be archers, and perks shown there and the character sheet), so if you have an example of them not working, please let me know. Obviously the reembarkment file would need to have been generated (and the foreign citizens being added to the town) after the change went through.

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Is it stored for non-foreign citizens as well? They become foreign if reembarking the same team to a different kingdom.

Yes. As I said, let me know if this isn’t working, because it’s been on stable for months.

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Absolutely amazing news. On my way to add campaign conditions checking for these citizens then!