R870 Multiplayer Lua Perforamance (/w mods)

Day 5
7-8 hearthlings per person (3 people playing) so 21-24 Hearthlings total

we started having MASSIVE lag, lua was taking up 30-80% the whole time.
(i play singleplayer with the mods down below with 30 people without much issues)
we play speed 1 mainly, NO speed 3 at all.

A friend of mine thinks he triggered the problem by issueing 6 bed-undeploy orders cancelling the orders however only “seemed to fix it” once.

i checked the performance UI (Debugging tools)
lua had gotten assigned 330~ mb’s total i dont know wether thats alot or very little.

The save 3 player multiplayer game Lua.zip (7.5 MB)

armis maximus
better storage
Footman power balance
Important mood
Locks of many hair (nc)
miner profession
Settlement Decor
Smart Crafter

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