R860 - After deleting building, cannot place a new building where the old one was

After deleting a building of any sort, if I then try and take a building from the templates and try and place it where the old building was, the building will not move into the area that the old building was in and will instead hang like it has run into a wall that I can’t build on. It’s almost like the game still thinks the old building is there when it isn’t.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Delete any current building
  2. Try and place a new building in the same spot

Expected Results:
I should be able to place a new building where the old one was

Actual Results:
I cannot make a new building where the old one was



Version Number and Mods in use:
This is on R-860 with no mods in use

System Information:

If the old building was furnished, it may have invisible ghost furniture. Try moving the furniture that was used in the building elsewhere. Not just the type, but the specific pieces.

I had the exact same issue but for me i think it only happened if my floor was built where the grass level was or of it was a road.

So a house that only had blocks above the grass it was normal.
a work around for me was to save and load then you could build there again

I had built a house and saved it as a template, but in the template, the only thing showing was the windows of the house. I deleted that house, and the only thing that didn’t get deleted was the windows. They were left floating above the ground.