[r450 (x64)] Trading Inventory Is Importanter

Found with only 2 days in, I went to build something and my workers were no where to be found. Looked for them, and found them starving themselves to death as a group, dropping a single random item from their inventory, to have someone else pick it up. Each one just repeating this cycle till they died.

Windows 10
AMD A10-4600M Quad Core Mobile Processor @ 2.3ghz
AMD Radeon 7660G
12gb DDR3 1600mhz
256gb Solid State

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Sorry for the late reply :sweat:

Is this the hearthlings OCD bug perhaps?
It looks really weird. By the way, why is the title “Trading Inventory Is Importanter” ?
Does it have to do with the bug, or is it just a random quote that fits with the theme (I’m a bit dense today)?

Don’t know as I haven’t been on in a while to see that one.

It feels stupid that they would drop one item just to have someone else come and pick it up, and keep repeating. So I made a joke of how trading items is importanter being importanter isn’t a proper word.

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