r156 - shortened houses and floor houses

Trying to build over a removed house zone left a hole from the previous house

built a house and it bugged out during construction, so I removed it. After it was removed the foot print of the floor was still left. Built new house over the top of existing hole.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build a house and let the floor get dug out.
  2. cancel house
  3. build over the hole in the gound
  4. settlers did not just add flooring but dug out a deeper hole

Expected Results:
that they would fill in the floor hole instead of digging another layer deeper.

Actual results:
They dug another layer deeper and the house walls were pegged on this depth meaning they were only 5 blocks high instead of 5.

Link to image:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet – you can see the edge in the floor
Mod edit (embedded image):


Bump. This is a very annoying bug that is still active in r 180.