[R118] Terraces!


Edit: Should we fix this bug? :wink:


Fix it? :cry:

Be honest @sdee, a hanging / cliff-side town in the full game would be awesome :smiley: .


@sdee I agree with @Teleros, hanging towns would be awesome. Maybe if part of a house was hanging off the corner column would extend downward to support the house?


i’m building this (from the Hotel Caruso in Italy)… :smile:


Honestly, I would love to see screenshots of your hanging, cliff-side towns. :slight_smile:


It’s hard without things like bridges and ladders down, but here’s some “concept art”, if you will…

It’s probably a niche thing, and you might want some extra physics code to handle this stuff*, but it does look pretty cool :slight_smile: .

*This also applies to the vanilla game though. Find a small hill etc, build on it, use a geomancer to collapse the hill, then laugh at goblins - or have a levitating house, or even a whole village supported on a 1x1 nerd pole stalk.


That top one is epic. Like: “not only am I going to build a building on this cliff, I’m going to make it pretty, too.”


the very, very humble beginnings of TerraceVille…

tried a few “treehouse” designs that failed… I noticed my workers seem to forget about building if they get hunger pangs midway through construction… I have to add something new to the design to reengage their interest…


i think the bug should be fixed, then turned into a feature :3


so lets call the bug a feature then fix a couple things to it.
but i say yes to make a feature so the sandbox sim can become a reality


this could actually be a good start into rice farming perhaps?


Welcome to Plank. well planks and ladders. We had adventures in building skyhigh and drama and a rescue. Then with all that my workers and carpenters got so content the only thing they would do is go cut trees and pick up supplies. (it’s about 7 minutes long total.


thats some cool stuff :thumbsup:

I vote for leaving it in the game.


We watched this together on Chris’s monitor and found ourselves cheering out loud by the end. :slight_smile:


I … I think I love you a little bit. Is that okay?

The giant ladder in the sky :’( so so beautiful.


turn this bug into a feature!!! would be epic!


My try to abuse the bu… feature.

Apartment in construction. Hard to finish roofs.

Cat flap!


Whoa! How did you build the walls on top of the projected terraces?


By having a floor underneath it which is a little bit larger :smile:


I would love to see a screen/video of your dragging the wall out, if you have one. We disabled the drawing of walls over things that weren’t “terrain” but evidently there is a cat door somewhere in our logic.