[R114] [STEAM Client] Harvestable object collision

Summary: Some harvest-able objects spawn a little to close to the side making them unable to be harvested. If one of the villages tries to get the object it locks the villager in place wondering how to get at the sweet sweet harvest.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Bit of a doozy. i guess this would depend on the map that has been generated.

Expected Results: All harvest-able world objects would be able to be pathed too.

Actual Results: Object is not able to be accessed and causes a villager some slight confusion on how to get to it.


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i’ve seen the fact that plants are to close but not this, great find!

Perhaps you could get a similar problem by placing an item in such a spot yourself and then moving it elsewhere? The citizens would still need to get to such a place and interact with something there, then, after all. If so, it could be checked/confirmed that way.