R-335: Save games don't correctly save Suspend/Resume State of Mines

When I save the game, exit, and return, my mines all become “active” regardless of their previous state.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a mine.
  2. Select the mining zone and press “Suspend Mining”
  3. Save the game
  4. Close the game
  5. Re-open the game

Expected Results:
The mine exists in the same shape as before exiting, but are in a “suspended” state, i.e., no workers will actively mine.

Actual Results:
Workers immediately begin to mine the “suspended” mine. The “Suspend Mining” button has been (correctly) changed to “Resume Mining”, but the workers dig anyway. (Resuming and then re-suspending mining has the desired effect.)

Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth r-335 (64-bit) with Zulser mod (Release 3-a), though I have encountered this error previously without the mod.

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@Xynariz - Thanks for all the bug reports! This one is now fixed.


I still experience this with the latest update

@hellthrive Should be fixed on Release 345 which was probably updated just after your post.


@Albert Can we get a blog post about the changes fixed in the release? :slight_smile:

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@Albert Sorry for the very late reply, but I can confirm that this is indeed fixed.

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