Questions relateing the beta


hey i was just wondering about a few things and it came to mind and i though i would ask a few questions about it.

  1. since the beta beta wont be the full game and new things will come out if there are any changes to the world you play in considering you can have multiple saves will you have to start again to add the new items to the game or could you continue your save and have the new items.

  2. i don’t know if its been asked but will co-op be supported in beta release and will it be savable to continue later on.

  3. in the beta is or will there be a limit to how many workers you can have because a bigger town takes more workers.

Release Date Questions

I think these questions are way too specific for where they are at in development right now. They have stated that their goals for the initial beta (expected around December) is to have the crafting system complete. I’m sure that it would imply some basic enemies and thing to discover and explore, but that those aspects won’t fully fleshed out.

As too specifics about save games and such, it’s way too early to know. They haven’t indicated weather you can have multiple saves, or the world will be persistent like Minecraft.

They haven’t indicated that they want there to be a worker limit, but that the game play will make it harder to manage more than 50 villagers. @Tom has indicated (if I recall correctly), that he doesn’t think there will be a hard population cap.


As @2_Zons said above, the development process is a bit early to start nailing specific things like this down.

So, there is no answer for number 1 - but judging on my experience with other games that have entered beta phase I would say yes, the addition of certain features would require a new world. Especially as the beta will just have building and crafting at the core and expanding upon everything else from there.

2 Will co-op be in the beta? this [url] video [/url] at 3:30:39 should answer that for you, I haven’t looked myself.

3 - The limit to your workers is still up in the air - there’s some discussion [url]here[/url] about population caps. Again, too early to have a definitive answer.

They toyed around with the number but again, nothing set in stone.I think this was due to @sdee talking about the monkeysphere concept. But then if you don’t need to know your workers/ golems, the ‘imit’ could probably exceed 150 - 200.