Questions, Answers, Stonehearth Information Thread [Updated 31st July 2014]


  • [url]When’s Beta?[/url]

“Our timeline goes something like: Kickstarter at the end of this month → Alpha a few months later → Beta a few months after that → release “sometime” later.”

  • [url]Why no alpha? [/url] - Livestream - 4:06:42

Because this represents for us the first viable game, that is the first cut of what we want the game to be. What we’re saying is as soon as we have something mature enough to show the building and crafting and core features we’re going to put it out, that’s called the beta. So by definition it is the first best thing we can put out. Now would we produce something that is incomplete and call it alpha and release it? We could but it would be a distraction. No matter what anyone says when you put out a release it costs something because you fix bugs that you wouldn’t normally fix that soon because they’re just annoying little things. We don’t want to distract ourselves from the real goal which is getting that beta out as quickly as possible.

  • [url]Will the Beta have an NDA? [/url]
  • [url]"What are the “core” systems you know will be critical for the beta release, and what % complete would you place them at this point (6.5 months away)…" [/url]- Livestream - 34:10

"The core systems for Beta are 100% the two biggest pillars of the game which are crafting and building and we want to have other things that drive APIs at a decent level of completeness … we wanna have a strong crafting, and a strong building game for beta. "

  • [url]Will co-op be in the beta? [/url] - Livestream - 3:30:39 [color=#aa00ff][size=18] New [/size][/color]

Unknown, it will definitely be sometime before release because it needs testing obviously, now will it be there at the start of the beta? We don’t know; it would be awesome because the sooner the better, but we cannot commit to that yet.

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