Quest for [Name]ship!

I don’t know how do you call out to Team Radiant so here:


Now I just can’t really think of tier 3 stuff so, I’ll say:


  • Tier 2 Crafting Recipes
  • Tier 2 Food
  • Tier 2 SFX
  • Makes the world 3x3 the current world’s size (9 current worlds) (Possibly to be bought for gold coins from Queen Diana/The Ascendancy as it would be their terrains or possibly to be fought for against tough enemies) {Pretty damn awesome for late-game}
  • Hearthling max limit 100
    {Yes, the last two require a somewhat high-end PCs {Sorry}}


  • +9 (+++)


Church of Plenty

  • 95000 Net worth or less (depending on the [name] in [name]ship)

  • Statue of Cid (Mason) (20 gold ingots, 1 Large Food Donation Box (Cook: Four times the amount of every material used for normal food donation box (The statue holding it in its hands), 50 stone (Mason (armor) )

Creators of the World

  • 100000 Net worth or less (depending on the [name] in [name]ship)

  • World History Statue (Mason) (30 gold ingots (Cid), 10 gargoyles (That thingy mentioned in the gargoyles description), 15 decorative vases (Rayaa), Large Hammer (The Ascendancy, created by master carpenter, unlocked with 10,000 hours, 50 wood, 5 gold ingots), Large Tapestry (Showing the true nature of the world, it’s peacfulness, crafted by master weaver, unlocked with his/hers final job ability, 5 wall-mounted tapestries, 10 stone and 10 wood), Fake Poyo (Growth of the human race, master cook 50 poyo feathers, 5 wood (body), 1 gold ingot (beak) and 1 poyo feed(in beak)))

Protectors of the human race

  • 90000 Net worth or less (depending on the [name] in [name]ship)

  • 5 archers 5 knights 10 footmen/knights (10 footmen and 5 knights, 15 knights or anything in-between), 10 turrets (not turnip), 3 clerics (all of the units max levels)


  • Has the best gear in the game currently
  • Is the same herald as first time
  • Is hyped about the upgrade from township herald to [name]ship herald
  • Actually, scratch that last one.

There’s no summary because you can’t really summary what is written in here.
Radiant, please think about this as of a future, huge update idea.
If Radiant doesn’t accept, I beg the modders.

Hope you liked the idea

And that it was a nice lecture


I liked the idea of expanding the map with better tiers. There is a lot of people that complains about the map being too small, even though they can’t even fill 1/4 of the map… This could even mean smaller maps at the begin and they could increase as you play. After all, you don’t need a huge map while you have just a few tents…



Yes, but the terrain doesn’t always go right (too little or too much water, too many mountains, holes, and so on). Not really possible to build nicely, like a port or something on my seed, so I need more terrain, as many others do.

Also, the hearthlings would break if placed on a bigger map with 50 max, so I considered 100 in my post, though it seems like 150 would be better, and yes as the hearthlings number would rise, the game would become more and more about micromanagment

I’m 14 btw

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Alright! So, actualywellthoughtoutresponse.exe is a go! I like the expanded map idea and your other ideas are good but what about showing us what some of this stuff will look like! Also this is a really big task even for a 50 Hearthling town! Maybe split it up into stages?

1st stage: build the base of a statue. (unlocks 100 Hearthlings)
2nd stage: Build the statue. (unlocks Tier two things)
3rd stage: reach the wealth target. (unlocks expanded map)

Ehh…ehh. Well here, have a response.:merry:

I thought of trying to make models… I guess I’m spending my night today doing those…

Stages aren’t really a thing because this is supposed to let you enter the late-game and enhance it a lot. In addition, it’s a long project to work on in your town, not an order-right-away-then-done kind of thing (basically what the current township quest is (for real, I had zero problems except not getting a potter (I ended up getting vases from a trade)))

Side note: Someone tell me where the models in stonehearth are. And how to consult Team Radiant.

Okay, I can see what your trying to say here. I was just worried about reaching the required wealth with only 50 hearthlings but if most of your wealth is in your buildings and not your stockpiles then I guess you should be fine.

Please delete all the class posts on this thread I shall delete mine as well

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