Qubicle Noob Question

Hey guys,
I just downloaded the $40.00 version of Cubicle and started playing with it, but I can’t seem to rotate the camera on the main desktop page…I know its a function because I watched a tutorial trying to figure it out.
Unfortunately, no go…
I also noticed that a part of my menu bars (there appeared to be 3 bars on the tutorial I watched, but I only have 2) are covered up by the actual drawing table and I can’t figure out how to resize that either.
I know these are total noob questions, but I can’t figure it out :frowning:
Thanks for any help!

Edit: Got the menus thing figured out (all 3 tabs are now visible), but I still can’t rotate on the main tabletop to view different angles.

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In relation to the specific questions … I’m unfortunately not versed enough in Qubicle to answer that, but I’m sure @voxel_pirate or another of our regular Qubicle users could offer some help!

Also, check this post, it’ll provide you with some great help when starting out

Also, welcome aboard!


I gotta say, I have been scanning the forums for a few days now, before I registered, and I have got to say you people are proly some of the friendliest I’ve “met”.
I can’t wait for December ($50.00 backer here) so I can start playing this game!


No worries, that’s what we’re here for!

That’s a title @SteveAdamo and I are dilligently working to maintain … good to know we’re still giving off positive impressions!

That’s why we’re here :smile:!


@Wycroe… do you still have this issue? Rotating actually works by keeping the Alt-key and the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse… in general at least :wink:.

@Geoffers747 I think this post is a bit more helpful, as it is more structured:


welcome aboard @Wycroe! :smile:

@Geoffers747 and @voxel_pirate have already given you some great advice… i would also point you in the direction of the (relatively new) wiki from minddesk… might have some other helpful advice for you…

good luck in your voxel adventures… :wink:

It certintly did solve the problem…I must have missed that somewhere, but the Alt-L Mouse button was what I was looking for!
Thanks Vox!

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More than welcome… and feel free to browse the post mentioned above. I have to admit it is quite long, but might also have some hints and tips which can help you to have a faster start. QC is a nice tool and congratulations to your purchase :wink:.


Does this mean we might have another of the, somewhat rare, animator species amongst us? :scream:

Ah, I knew there was another one somewhere!

I’ve pinned that thread :smile: Thanks for being awesome!

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Welcome @Wycroe!

My first few minutes in Qubicle had me wishing for a quick tutorial. I watched this one and actually found it quite useful.

Good luck! Would be happy to see some of your work once you’ve got something to show us!

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Indeed, @voxel_pirate has uploaded many useful videos … I think they’re around the forum somewhere …

This old age is doing me no good.

Yes, all to be found under the link mentioned above :wink:.

We’ll all be ‘whippersnappers’ in no time :scream: