Qubicle Home Edition Issues

I was just wondering if anyone is having a similar issue. When I try to set the default program to open qb and qmo files on my recently downloaded Qubicle Home Edition it doesn’t select it as a valid program and keeps opening them as decoda files.

Im getting a graphical error, by that I mean when I am selecting a colour its like all the colours are mixed into one, when i got to make a red block, it will have colours all around it the block will be red but well look…

yea have that problem too. Only worked with basic qubicle.

@DJ_Astro hmm, never saw that problem before

It’s strange… I can open normally my qmo files and all the qb files from the Alpha…
Dragging them or browsing into the program, I never actually double clicked a file to open Qubicle but…

Maybe @Tim can shed some light on this issue?

yes, that is the strange thing. You cant seem to select the default opener for files for qubicle home edition.

This problem occurs when you globally set the size of your windows controls to large. I am sorry but the skin engine I use can’t handle this properly. Reset it to normal and everything will look fine.
Q2 won’t have this problem.

I am having a look at it. To sum the bug report up: you were able to open a QMO file via double click with the basic edition but not the home edition?

Could be that the order of installation/deinstallation is a factor. Can you please describe that more cleary? Might give me a hint. Thanks

Maybe I should have been more specific. I have a problem with opening .qb files. Opening .qmo files is fine (I can open them default with home edition).
However for .qb files I cant select Qubicle home edition as default opener.
It tries to open with acrobat reader on my pc.
open with… and selecting QubicleConstructor.exe for some reason does not work.

I did install basic version first, and was still installed when installing Home edition. That might been the issue for qmo files. I have uninstalled the basic version and select default opening with home edition of qmo files works. For .qb files that does not work somehow.

Thanks @Miturion , I will try to find out what causes this behavior.

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Qmo and QB files open with Basic but not Home edition while double clicking. Basic was still installed when I downloaded Home. After uninstalling Basic the computer won’t let me set Home for the default.

Basically the same issue as Miturion.

Ok, I had a look at it. To fix the .qmo default program issue, you should simply reinstall the Home edition.

As for the QB, there has never been a filetype association for it. But I have added it now.

It’s such a small fix that I don’t want to push a new release for this. If you want it please contact me via support@minddesk.com (don’t forget your share-it ref number) and I’ll send you a download link.


wow… awesome customer service much? :smile: :clap:

Great fix.
I have no hurry. Can wait for next release. Already used to drag and drop.