Qubicle Creations

A first version of my little dragon…just working on rigging it now…


Rigging it? So did you purchase qubicle?

Yes I did! Awesome tool! I love such stuff. Even though I’m not an artist. It’s fun messing around with it…

You should join us in the IRC! C: I’d love to use you to export my models…er I mean…have a nice chat! C:

Here is my first go at qubicle, its pretty much a Hearth/Oven made of Stone.


Here is a race of hawk people. no name as of yet but they refer to each other as “Children of the Storm”. Enjoys mountainous areas for homes and has an affinity for lightning. Seen in the photo is of chest armor and helm/beak armor.

Side note - Wind is known as “Mother’s Breath” and Thunder is “Father’s Clap”


Really nice idea for a race, especially with the inclusion of armor. The one thing that you may consider adding are some iron talons, as they currently lack a supplemental weapon.

I had not thought of that. Good thinking. You might also be able to help think of a name if I fall short of doing so myself.

Just a few more designs I whipped up to get used to Qubicle. Included are: a standard flag to hang on a wall, a jewel-encrusted goblet, and a low-res painting of a sunset.


Try something to do with “Avian”, like the Avanians or even the Aerovians.

Looks awesome, could we see one with the armour on?

Here you go, with new claw armor.


Looks pretty cool! Where have I seen something like this before? Some sort of eagle/ Hawk clan - I swear they used spears …

Just what I was hoping for. My last suggestion, which might be hard to implement would be to make an almost full-face visor, like the owls have in the guardians of ga’hool. http://bit.ly/ZJ0Dvm (Image reference)

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They remind me of the Rito from Zelda

But I still can’t quite recall what I’m thinking of, I swear they were tall purple eagle/ Hawk things, and they used spears. I dno, I need to go to bed.

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If it help, they where going to be chicken people to fit along side of the bunnies. It formed into this. Also, I miss Windwaker.


Bah theres not enough creepy in this post i think ;p so i give you the Slime Spider

This Slimy creepy crawly slides over the ground on it’s belly which secretes a very potent slime once it finds prey it latches on to it using it’s powerful claws, The slime then acts like an acid as it begins to eat away at it’s helpless target.

It is believed that it can secret 12 different variants of slime ranging from strong and highly dangerous to something completely harmless.


These look really awesome guys! I’ve been working on a few things myself! Example:

Lemme know what you think. :slight_smile:


@AndyA220789 hey that’s really good keep it up and I’m sure you’ll be making awesome models in no time

It’s actually super easy to pick up. If you watch the 20 minute tutorial on the Qubicle website I picked it up after that and man oh man. It’s literally the fastest thing to learn. Great layout and everything works as you expect it to work.

Really a good job by Tim, the Qubicle creator.
Also, creating bitmaps and then importing them into Qubicle is probably the funnest thing I’ve done in a long time.
No, I don’t have a life.

Weird, actually meant to reply to @Geoffers747
Oh well!