Qubicle Competition Submission Thread. Cycle 4, Week 1 - Halloween - ‘Monsters'

The Qubicle competition is back, and kicking off this special Halloween themed month is “Monsters”

Submit your monster model, this could range from a werewolf or vampire, to ghosts and ghouls, or perhaps some creation of your own. Any and every monster is welcome, so get submitting!


  • 1st place for this week will earn a place in the final + a steam key for a game of their choosing (list will be provided to the winner) + a snazzy new title.

  • 2nd place will earn a place in the final and a snazzy new title.

Winners of the final earn themselves some more goodies

This month 1st and 2nd place will earn a copy of the ‘Home’ edition of Qubicle Constructor, or if they already own that, an upgrade to either the ‘Master’ or ‘Voxelizer’ package as well as a special title.

3rd and 4th place will earn themselves a game or some swag and a special title.

All finalists will earn a title.


Just to go over the rules once more:

  • You can only submit one model per week.
  • The model can be anything related to the theme, as long as it can be achieved with the free version of Qubicle - no post-production effects, animations, etc.
  • Vote for as many models as you want - simply ‘like’ their post by clicking the heart at the bottom of the submission.
  • Keep all discussion of this week over here, as anything in this thread that isn’t a model will be moved or deleted.

Model submissions will close on the 6th October, and the winners of this cycle will be announced on the 7th October.

We want to see models regardless of ability and quality as we’re thinking about the possibility of having future awards such as ‘most improved modeller’, so don’t feel like you can’t submit!

Check out the upcoming theme’s for the next 4 weeks of the competition at the theme schedule thread.

You can download Qubicle basic here.


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Let’s call this monster the “Headless Cowman”…




Pumpkin Spectre:

Nobody knows for sure what the wizard was doing… Whatever it was, it went horribly wrong. These were the after-effects. Enchanted pumpkins, but with a vicious streak intent on murdering nearby wanderers. People say they take the heads of their victims, “wearing” them like a trophy. Also rumored is that, as they hunt you, their last victim’s head continues to moan like an eternally trapped ghost. Meanwhile, the pumpkin itself cackles with glee, enjoying the thrill of the hunt for their newest victim…

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Boogie Man from Nightmare before Christmas


Werewolf using a modified wolf head and the tail from my wolf replica


Some great entries so far.

Just to remind everyone that submissions will close in around 30 hours time with voting closing in a couple of days!

If you have a model, get it in!

Slightly later than advertised - apologies - the competition is now closed!

Congratulations to everyone!

@voxel_pirate you came first and have earned yourself a prize, I’ll message you with the games you have to choose from :smile:

@nagatopain17 @Yeti and @LunarWolf you all finished joint second (and it’s not rigged) so congratulations for earning your place in the finals!