Qubicle 2 Stonehearth Animation Previewer

Hey guys,
another thing i’d like to announce:
Tobi just had some bad weeks because I was teasing him with projects that require PHP and MySQL… yikes. Well, somebody had to do it.
So for a change I decided to let him work on something more fun for a while so he recover from those unnerving web projects.

What he does like is OpenGL and I thought it would be a good idea to have an animation previewer which can open the animation .json files from stonehearth and show you the animations without opening Blender. I am not sure how long this takes (probably not that long) or how long it takes for me to add it as a built-in feature. Anyhow, it will come, someday, somehow.

Maybe Tobi likes to post first results here soon.


Love what you guys are doing for the community!

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Hm… sounds interesting. Any plans to include also an animation feature in QC2, so tools like 3ds Max, Blender are not required?

sounds like a great feature

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This has always been my dream. But it’s so much work. Definitely not this year. Maybe Q3 will be all about animation. Better finish Q2 first