Pyrite's Alpha 3 Review

Climbs in through the window
Hey guys, Pyre here.
I wanted to share my opinions on the game’s progress so far, so I think i’ll start with Alpha 3


  • I like how the villagers have random dialog when they’re ordered to do a task, makes the game feel more alive ex: Mom was right, we’re all going to be eaten by bears
  • Farmers, hard workers that bring in much needed food. (I don’t know where the got the seeds, but that’s not exactly important as of right now)
  • Lots of cute new forest critters <3
  • Hold on while i remember more…


  • Lacks Roofs…
  • I don’t like how i can’t move up ground levels (as far as i know i can’t) My villagers nearly starved when the few berry bushes i could find weren’t repopulating fast enough, while the forest animals mocked me from the upper levels…
  • Carpenters, lazy good-for-nothings that lay around and eat up the food supply, Mine must have glitched out and only crafted two items, a fancy table and a hoe, then refused to fill out any other orders. I should be glad that i managed to get the hoe out or otherwise my people would have starved first.
  • Is the save function working yet?
  • Pressing esc does not pause the game, but the esc menu has a button that says “resume game” letting you believe it does, then you go eat dinner and a day’s worth of progress goes down the drain…
  • Could use some water scapes in the terrain generation (same goes for T&S) but im sure that’ll come at a later date…
  • As far as i know, there is still no way to rotate a house, only the door
  • The building system could use to be a little more basic, like block to block, kinda like T&S, but that’s not my call, could lead to something a little more unique and easier if done right

Im sure with the right programming, this game could easily dominate other voxel civilization games like Timber&Stone and Towns, but for right now, this game is slowly making good progress.
Best of luck to ya guys, this is pyre, peace out!


imminent arrival…

it is indeed… have you tried it? :smiley:

water is… … difficult… but it will make an appearance at some point… :wink:

that’s just not the design direction the team has chosen for SH… I really like the concept so far, and with the massive improvements we’ve seen so far (and with what is yet to come), I think this type of planning/construction can be very rewarding…

I can say it would be nice to be able to add block by block touches, but not building completely in that style. However, even as hard as the design currently might be to make my planned massive cathedral project be to decorate, it will work well for the actual building and design of cities and towns.

Personally, at this stage in development, I think it would be more constructive to criticize features that are already implemented, rather than a lack of features. For example, saying that you wish the game had water doesn’t tell the developers anything – as they haven’t yet started coding the behavior of water. On the other hand, saying you’re not a fan of something that’s already in the game, say, trapper micromanagement or something like that, would be far more constructive because the developers would have feedback on something they’ve actually worked on, rather than criticisms of things they likely haven’t given thought to yet.