PvP Leaderboard questions

Very excited that the 300k stretchgoal.
In the update that was just posted on kickstart for said stretchgoal (as of this writing) it was mentioned that there would be leaderboards for tracking the PvP stuff (check the update post here if you want the exact wording)

Because of that, some questions popped into my head that I thought more people would benefit or enjoy knowing the answers to (even it’s it’s just preliminary answers)

  1. Will the leaderboards only be ingame, or also online on your website or similar?
  2. If it will also be online, will it be possible to pull data from it to our own community websites (I know that I at least would love to be able to get the data as JSON objects to integrate into the smaller community of gamers that I’m part of, it would be easy enough for me to sort it to only show members of that small community to make it our own smaller version of the leaderboard)

Of course if you allow parsing of data from an online source, I wouldn’t expect you to allow it to be parsed constantly as that can be very taxing on your bandwidth, there is a lot of things to consider if you supply an online service like this to the community.


It would be cool to have servers with ten+
people on,
then there’s far more action then playing alone or coop.