Psuedo-Equestria Derivative Modpack


This’ll be improved later but for now it’s fine. Also anyone got a better idea for a name? Technically this is the non mlp specific stuff so I’m not sure of what to call it.

A key part would be that it would pave the way for a lot of things for others to use the components. As some examples of said components and potential uses for them (All of these would likely involve a fair bit of work, varies a lot though for each thing)
Shapeshifting/Illusions (Changelings)
Effectively this would work by modifying appearance and possibly things like stats depending on whether it’s shapeshifting or illusions, very similar so they get the same component. It could be useful for a lot of modules for things like traps or secrets, it could also likely be used for monsters or magic systems to spice them up a bit. Druids that change into animals as an example or Illusionists capable of tricking your invaders into thinking you’re stronger than you actually are.
Infiltration (Changeling)
It could lay the groundwork for a really interesting espionage system allowing things like spies and terrorism, also be useful when integrated with vampire mechanics. Includes baby stealing as per fae changeling myths.
Flight (Pegasi)
A large variety of possibilities but basically lays a framework for flying races on a much greater level than done by things like simple birds or insects.
Aerial Construction (Pegasi Cloudshaping)
Some interesting stuff could be done with manipulating clouds but the real gem here is that it would be a base for both 3d city layout and air based construction which could result in really, really cool stuff. Could be used for some interesting things for sci-fi mods with spaceships.
Talent Emblems (Cutie Marks)
A way of giving a character large permanent boosts to a skill by doing extra well at it. Could provide a basis for both systems like star signs and prestige systems which give bonuses through skill at a particular action like when smithing having the chance to create a super item and gaining a constant boost to smithing.
Agricultural Connection (Earth ponies agricultural magic)
Largely useless at first this would just be a minor interface to allow abilities to easily manipulate the complex farming system more easily. Could be unneeded.
Esoteric feeding systems (Dragons, Changelings, etc.)
This would allow for the weirder things like feeding off gems or living entities. It would likely end up as a potential extension to whatever feeding system exists that could allow much more control than normal. May even be completely unnecessary if you’re lucky.

Other things like unicorn magic start to verge away more towards the actual mod than general components even more or they’ll be things like the animal stuff that’s could already be covered with things like the Beastmaster. But that’s a list of stuff that would likely end up in there if it kept going. Some of them might need barely anything at all depending on how the game is set up by default and some might need a lot but it gives some ideas on them. Feedback could be useful here.

Brony Thread - Any MLP fans?

Unfortunately I did not follow the MLP-Thread. Could you explain a bit more what this all should be about? Are this ideas for stand-alone mods? Just reading through them it is hard for me to get the idea behind as there are for sure some interesting bits and pieces but the “big picture” is missing.


This is mainly a bunch of components, as I can’t use Qubicle actually trying to make a MLP mod is near useless at this time so I"ve extracted it into a variety of parts that could be used in other mods which is what this focuses on.


first of all, you have really thought this through quite a bit… well done… somewhat eerie, but well done… :wink:

i particularly like this concept, and hope to see something like this developed for (as you mention) its use in a wide number of other mod ideas…


Yeah it’s an interesting one, I also can’t really speculate on how it will be pulled off without access to the actual lua code as it requires essentially making the game lie to all the ai and you while still allowing certain people to know about what’s actually there. That kind of thing would require messing with ai to make it able to deal with it along with a fairly good knowledge of how races and models work to get it working. A simple illusion attribute should be enough to differentiate between illusions and actual morphs but it still needs a way of doing it, although summoning illusionary creatures could be fairly easy. All you’d have to do is create one on your side then override death animations along with health and damage and all of a sudden you’ve got a monster that disappears in one hit and does no damage, however this is me and that wouldn’t work completely since you’d need to make the ai think it doesn’t die in one hit and that it does damage or they’d ignore it.

It is certainly interesting in it’s applications though, for example combine it with infiltration and childhood/baby mods and you’ll be able to make changelings that steal your babies and replace them with theirs shapeshifted to look like yours. Of course that’s starting to possibly get a bit dark and I’m not sure where to take it from there but it’s certainly an interesting idea and you could take it a few ways.