Project Animated Entertainment - Steps on learning Animation

Hello, discourse! I bring you Project Animated Entertainment, a project where I shall be taking a leap into animation, and hopefully adopt a skill that I may use for a later day career! I will not be focusing sooooo much on models, as it is not the primary goal, but feel free to leave me a blender file with your project in it! I may post a tutorial with it!
First off, presenting our focus point, William, the brave Knight!

I hope to get attention with this, as I believe it will be a fun journey! I shall also put up tutorials when I finish them, either in text here, or possibly a video.
Please also no spam!


Today’s Topic: Running

Before you begin animating, it is important to have the general idea of running. When running, the person will naturally take long, quick strides. With every landing bringing the other leg ready to take off again, meaning runners get more air time than ground time!
Now that we know this, let’s begin!

Step 1:

When you start to run, you spend a brief moment to bend down a bit, as well as to put a leg about half a stride in front of you, so we must add this to the animation for a sense of realism!
[Video will go here when done!]
Step 2:

When running, you push back your landing leg (previous), and forward your other leg to gain distance!
[Video will go here when done!]
Step 3:

When landing, your body semi-collapses so you are parallel to the ground. This gives you time to bring your back leg forward for another stride!
[Video will go here when done!]
Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 and 3 when continuing!
Step 5:

When you stop running, you slowly lift your body up, shorten the strides, and slow down in speed!
[Video will go here when done!]

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Welcome aboard, @PAE! Looks great, can’t wait to see what you will produce! I will try to send you my wolf-Man model for animation!


welcome aboard @PAE! :smile:

as you just joined, you won’t be able to directly embed images, but if you want to toss something here, either myself or @Geoffers747 can help you out…

good luck with your project!

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Thank you for the warm welcome! :smiley:
Also, I hope to get some content out A.S.A.P, but may not be my lessons for the first bit, as I still need to get things put together, but I might be able to post a somewhat accurate list of planned tutorials!

Welcome aboard my friend, hope to see your tutorials soon!!!

If I could leave some suggestions for the list: Fighting, eating and running. Also, if you need a temp. YouTube account for your vids, you can send your vids to me. :slight_smile:

Here is a list of topics(Current, more TBA)

-Getting up/Sitting down

Quick Update:
I was able to get a picture of our reference model up! I shall now begin getting up the set for my tutorials! Stay tuned. :smiley:

Man, I love the little knight! I think more people need to see this thread! Like @voxel_pirate Keep up the work!

Looks like a good Social-Experiment to me! :smile:

Hey @PAE, is this going to be your main Account, or are you going to make another Account for just hanging out in the Stonehearth Discourse?

I will just use this account for the discourse, so if you need to tell me something, message @PAE

So, after the Experiment is over, what happens?

the knight looks great! can’t wait to see him animated! :+1:

looking forward to how this develops. we need for sure more guides.

@dwarf when it is finished, I will most likely just hang around the discourse and put up animated shorts

@SteveAdamo thank you! I do like my knight model, also I will be working on your trivial prize today :wink:

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Ah! That’s good to know!

knight looks really cute :thumbsup:

William looks good. Kind of reminds me of Cube World and Timber and Stone.

Also, it’s a pain in the ass trying to type on a Smartphone.

Alright everyone, our FIRST TUTORIAL is UP! It lacks videos for now, because my first attempts were too quick, and didn’t fully demonstrate the topic! I shall be working on them for the next little bit, and please <3 the topic so I can see the support it is receiving, thanks! :wink: