Program to open/edit .shader file?

Hey, what programs do u use to create/open/edit .shader files?

I opened a topic for asking cuz may have someone that could use this info :laughing:

Any text editor?

Oh, I didn’t know :sweat_smile:
I thought u use some kind of program.

I’m digging into the files to discover their function. That’s the reason I asked :sweat_smile:

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They are just like the other files (JSON, Lua, Javascript, etc). They can be opened with a text editor.

We aimed at easily editable files for modding :slightly_smiling_face:
Though it’s true that the QB files (the 3D models) need a special program in order to edit them, but there are free options out there.


This is a huge plus because I just have my mod with me on a USB and can work on it a bit when there is a lul in work at work :stuck_out_tongue: