Professor Trait Should Be Class

Started a new game tonight, and noticed the new trait, “Professor”. With this being an ability to help others level up, I feel this should be more of a class with an AOE like the Cleric, more than it should be a Trait.

Two reasons;

  1. Anyone can talk to anyone about their job, but it takes training to be a “teacher” about something. How can I tell y’all how to code your game when I know nothing about coding?
  2. Having multiple levels to a Professor could be beneficial. At a low level, just an XP booster to those around him would be nice. But at a Master level, he could have the ability to auto-level some skills, like moving a farmer to Level 2 so they can make all foods.

If nothing else, I feel there should be a force check in the game to make this pair with a desire to be another job or another trait of the such. Just being a general professor doesn’t seem right.

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