Problem with the ramparts

When you try to build your ramparts, if you project the entire structure and you make build all at the same time, all proceed correctly. But if you try to project and build your ramparts a piece at time (because you are out of oak), you will meet some bugs. When you project the piece of wall to add at the part build yet, the game will consider the new part as an expanion of te old structure.
Then, when you start the construction, the workers will put the oak support also in the parts of wall that is built yet.
And is not over: if you try to build two parts of the ramparts separately and after you try to unite them, walls will vanish.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a rampart
  2. Builda a second rampart
  3. Build a third rampat between them to make one big rampat

Expected Results:
Unite two rampants

Actual Results:
The rampats build will vanish

Here some images


Version Number and Mods in use:
No mod in use, steam version of the game, alpha 15

System Information:
Windows 7

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