Prioritize transport of some resources

I recently had the problem that my friendly neighborhood goblin wanted to “borrow” some of my tin ore. That wouldn’t have been a problem, as I had a running tin mine, but my workers were so busy with mining, building and eating, that they simply refused to carry the ore in my storage area. And since the goblin boss only accepts products with storage certificate, I had dozens of tin ores, but none of which I could have offered to my neighbor… (I could solve the problem by making a small, ore-only storage area right next to the mine, since then the workers actually carried stuff there.)

Similar to this slightly old topic (Work Stoppages, and Resource Prioritizing), I would like to suggest the ability to mark some resources to be carried to a suitable storage area with high priority. A command similar to the harvesting area-select would come to mind, but to make sure this is limited to few, but important items, it could also be based on clicking the individual resource and selecting a button there.


I was thinking about this the other day when I found a gold vein 100m from my camp, mined it out, then watched my villagers pick up the 50 wood blocks 40m away…

I really loved the system in Settlers2, where you was able to set the priority of your settlers transport-system!

necrophiles a thread again
don’t hit me but I had the same idea while I was stress testing my RAM
due to the immense workload I put on my Derplings they didn’t pick up the food of the farms to be stored/eaten