Preorder with Creditcard Mastercard?

I wanted to preorder Stoneheart, but I have a Creditcard Mastercard. Is there a way to preorder with my Creditcard or do I have to wait till the game releases on Steam??


hey there @Bold … i am fairly sure you can use your MasterCard via Amazon Payments

have you had an issue trying to buy via the Stonehearth store?

Thanks for quick reply. I did not even tried to pre-order because I assumed it would not work… And decided to post it to get an answer, but now I have it I gone try it right away !! :smiley:

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excellent! let us know if you have any issues with the purchase… good luck! :+1:

I got it ! No problem at all :smile: and its working to ^^

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woohoo! have fun! :smile: :+1: