Premade Building in multiplayer freezing

I have been playing in a friend’s game. Whenever I try to place a premade building, the game freezes. I can still open menus and pan the camera, but the game acts like it is paused in all other respects. I can still build from scratch, but I’m more strategically inclined, rather than creatively and I prefer pre-built homes and workshops for their aesthetic.

does the building work in singleplayer

Yes, both with and without template mods. Just not in multiplayer. My friend tried it as well and it froze for him and disconnected us

give a list of the mods you are using
make sure it is clear which mod the template comes from
the problem may be one of the mods you are using

We were using Quwface’s building template packs, but we removed those because we thought of the same thing and it was still happening. We did seem to fix it by connecting directly to his IP address, but that is a less than ideal fix.