Praise - Stonehearth Mod Manager

Hi, So i’m working on a Mod Manager (similar to Curse’s addon manager), the name Praise came from the idea of a flip on the word Curse and seemed appropriate with the family friendly nature of Stonehearth.

Version 1 of the website and Client program was completed a little while ago and i’m happy to announce that V2 is now live!

Please feel free to register and put your Mod on the website for everyone see.

The Praise Client (link at the bottom of the PraiseDB website) is an application which you can run on your computer which will talk to the website allow easy management of your mods.

The website is located here

*While the website is located here with enough interest i would be tempted to look at getting some paid hosting to remove the limitations of free hosting. For those curious the domain is the free URL x10 provided me with but it is perfectly safe and hopefully the comments below will indicate this as such.

Please feel free to add any suggestions here, the website was designed and developed with our community as the focal point so i’ve tried to cater it towards our needs but i’d love to hear all ideas.

And a massive thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me with this, it wouldn’t be possible without your help!



perhaps an on/off switch for the mods - just rename the ending from smod to smodoff or so :wink:


Thanks Wiese i’ll add that and give it a go, i had thought of when uninstalling/inactivating a mod it would move it to a Inactive folder as well but maybe its too much effort.


ok thats should also be easy to write ^^

well i’ve implemented that now, might have something to show soon

[edit] i’ve just taken a step back and thought nope this isn’t ready lol


Profiles, please! I would love to have different profiles for different save games, so I don’t have to manually turn mods on and off depending on what’s compatible/required for a given game.


if anyone could knock up some icons, preferably .png’s in 256x256,128x128,48x48,32x32,16x16 that’d be great too.

profiles…ok :slight_smile:

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some icons? for which functions exactly? ^^

just for the exe at the moment :smile:

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I was able to get basic profiles done yesterday and a basic settings setup so you can say which is the default profile.

Next is working on a better database, one that contains a list of mods and download links, in my testing I used froggy’s cookmod, basically i created a database with a name of a mod and the download url (Dropbox works well so far) but a better method is required, something a long the lines of a website with a database that users can upload their mod then Praise gets a refreshed list of all mods in the database upon startup and details the mods with better details like mod versioning descriptions tracking downloads etc…

Maybe there’s a lighter weight approach but this makes most sense to me but Radiant might already have something in the works for a centralised mod website, I’ll play around and see what I can come up with tomorrow…



perhaps github - the only prob only one person can upload?

Hmm yea perhaps that’s not so good, I guess I’ll write up a little webpage, if you or anyone know of a good free place that supports php and sql and databases please shout

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Could you use nexus as a database ? If you can make a topic for stonehearth that is.

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Hmm i could contact them but i dont think they’d share access to there back end especially as they offer their own modding client which i didn’t realize so i guess i’ve reinvented the wheel but if i can make something that us as a community find useful and more catered to what we need then great.

I had the idea to add a button to install the Mod tools and i assume that when selecting a profile of no mods installed this will need to return the mod directory to what it is at base installation?

As a little update i spent a little time last night getting a web site running privately to test uploading etc and hopefully i’ll be able to to find a host for public sharing soon, once that’s done i’ll feed that in to the program and we should have a v1 release.


So a little update!

I have the website set up about 90% complete -needs user accounts to control upload permissions and I need to add some extra fields for mod versions

The program is looking mostly in a ready state but I need to revisit profile support which was why I didn’t give a release tonight oh and it only supports a steam install as I’ve not installed from humble bundle and need those settings if anyone can give me some details that’d help oh and I still need to work on the icons for the exe

It’s very basic but does support downloading and installing mods and the ability to inactivate and activate mods,…

Is there a way in game to see what mods are installed?

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Here are the default install paths for Stonehearth. This includes 32/64 bit and Steam/non-steam install paths. Keep in mind many users install Stonehearth at custom locations that you will not be able to detect. SHED allowed users to choose their own path if desired.

As far as which mods are installed…

By default Stonehearth will attempt load any file with the .smod extension as a mod. It will also attempt to load folders as mods as well. If you have a file with the .smod extension and a folder with the same name, Stonehearth will load the folder and ignore the .smod file.


What you should also do for uploading mods is choose what version of the game is running that mod; Alpha 10, 11, 12…etc…This way theres no incompatibility between mods


Thankyou both! They’re both incredibly helpful replies, added to my list it’s looking less and less likely that I’ll be able to release something this week :frowning: I am sick but I did manage to do the exe icons


Ok another update, i have rewritten the website and could do with a couple of people to test with their mods, if you could sign here if interested and i’ll pm you requesting a desired username and password.

eventually it will be opened up to allow all and any modders but just for this testing i need to restrict it so my head doesn’t explode!

I need to change about 6 things on the website before i can create you (security related things)

then the application (read: mod client) needs updating to reflect the new website, (my export script from the website currently doesn’t work! :frowning: but that is one of the 6 things to fix but isn’t needed to be fixed before i create some accounts to test)

thanks for reading!

ps. i want to do testing so if i need to rewrite something and need to wipe the databases it doesn’t affect many users.


heyho ^^ i make the german transalation since alpah8 (its needs every release an update - so its a very diffucult mod xD)