Possible Malware?

I was attempting to download the new alpha 9 build, but when the file finishes downloading, Chrome says that it "may harm your browsing experience."
I just want to know if it is actually dangerous to my computer or if this is completely safe. Thank you.
Just FYI this is for build 256

I mean it should be fine for play testing if you download it off of the humblebundle page or steam, but just remember there is bugs in the game that may cause the game to crash, but all in all it should cause no harm to your computer! :smiley: have fun playing stonehearth!


basically what @Yosmo78 said, but if your not downloading it from HumbleBundle or Steam then it is most definitely going to harm your computer.


Your browsing experience? But the game plays on its own client, even if it uses chromium.

As the others have said, if you downloaded it from the Humble Bundle page, it should be completely safe. You can examine the files with your antivirus if you want.


That’s just the default “You’ve just downloaded an executable from the internet, please be careful” message that appears with literally every executable you download.


It’s Google way telling you that the certain file you are downloading will have certain access

Chrome says this about all file packages that contain .exe files. Just because it says this, doesn’t mean it’s true. Sometimes it is, sometimes not. regardless,