Porch Confusions

Does anyone know if there was mention of porches that I missed? I feel like porches could be a nice attribute to a home. an maybe provide some storage for the inhabitants. So if there was mention just tell me that’d be great but otherwise I think it should be considered as an addition.

If I understand “porch” right, you can see one on the screenshot which was part of a past Desktop Tuesday. Also in one of the streams Tom was drawing some building variants (I think it was to explain how statics are working) where he ended up with kind of a porch.

A porch, as far as I am aware, is located before the entrance to a building - so that example on the screenshot is more of a storage area than a porch.

We could add a porch ourselves to the building I imagine, and we wouldn’t need to build walls for it perhaps? I can see it being rather easy to build or work into the game.

In the stream Tom did that. He painted a house with 2 levels, drawing the 2nd level over the boundaries of the first one. Than he explained that probably you will have to add a pillar to support this structure. So at the end you can create your own porch this way. Sure, the question will be how you can decorate and use it, as it might be outside of the building… technically. But I think you will also be able to place items outside, at least this is visible in some screenshots.

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Voxel! If you’d let me watch the stream I could avoid embarrassing myself like this!

So there you have it, that’s the end of that chapter.

There are so many streams in the meanwhile… I am referring to this one. Around 1:47:30 you will see Tom drawing and talking about buildings.

You’re just sticking the knife in aren’t you!

Thanks for the link :smile: