Ponotte. My music, check and feedback

Hi guys, it’s me, ponotte again!

i have done three simple music to youtube and i want you guys to think, what is wrong or what there must be more.
i was thinking. maybe i can make music to stonehearth? combat music, peace music, normal music. or something.
yes i’m not best music maker, but i can do song. but that takes a while.

so tell me what’s wrong in my music, what i need to add in there. if you guys approve, i going to make much more and better music. if not, i agree that, i’m rly bad music maker.
thing number 2
i can make desing to channels or logo to somewhere. if you want, just say.
and to the end STONEHEARTH ROCK
there you can vote. it’s looks like i must practise

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