Please, let us equip armor for harold!

I just realized something about little bird harold.

I just got him on the second time around he comes to visit (after you register your settlement)

He has been drooled on, and bitten.

I want to give harold a little wooden/stone helmet, some armor, and a protective little spike shield for his back.

I refuse to let the bravest of messengers, the sole communicator between us and the capitol, to sucumb to the threats and pains of an unsafe journey.


In parctice, this would allow us to give harold a little resource, and maybe it gets noted how much we care about him? and give us a little bonus?

I dont know, I just dont want harold to get squished, eaten, or otherwise attacked


Harold :heartpulse:


Harold the Herald. Nicely played, man.

Ummm he hasn’t been drooled on and bitten. The letter he’s delivering to you has been drooled on and bitten…by him, but he’s really tryin’ poor lil guy.


If Harold doesn’t make it into the game as a pet your town can adopt… well I won’t promise violence, but I won’t be happy. >: |


Then the team’s going to have to PROGRAM ACTUAL WORKING BIRDS!!! (I wrote 5 exclamation points, but it seems that’s limited to five here. Huh, TIL.)

Which I’d love to see, but they’ve said in the past that flying mobs would be a lot harder to make since all the pathfinding code is for walking mobs. Maybe if they were just offset a few blocks above the ground when moving and had an animation to land/take off? There’s still some complications there, and of course properly animating birds is hard enough in itself… but I really want them now. Darn it!

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But…but…Harold!!! :smile: You cant bring life to such a loveable charecter and not reshape the reality around him, to bring out his full potential!!

I vote for animated flying harolds in the game :smile: :sunny: :heartpulse:


I legit thought the mesage ment that harold was bitten and drooled on

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