Please... i need help quick

Ok atm irl i am scared as f*ck. I was on my room 10 minutes ago, and suddenly i heard heavy boots steps in the hallway, i though it was my parents so i went quickly in my bed. But after few minutes of hearing steps and steps, i though that maybe it wasnt my parents after all, my parents talks to each other when they come in. So i waited few more minutes then the steps became louder and louder before stopping. i went outside of my room to check out and nobody was here. me and my brother are scared right now, not because it could be a robber but because the door are locked…

Call your parents, call the police or call the ghost busters, alternatively check out the creepy pasta thread.

Preferably in that order.

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dude i am not joking

got a huge knife right next to me just in case

I think @RepeatPan has pretty much the gist of it.

Unfortunately none of us have gained the ability to teleport and/or fight potential crime from a distance.

For now I’ll leave this open so you can update us on the situation and confirm to us that you’re still in good health.

Now, @ownerpure5, you post a lot of random uncategorized threads with meaningless titles, in future could you please be a bit more detailed in your thread title and choose a category for the thread to sit in.

In the off-chance that there is a man loose in your house, call the police.


for the titling stuff, i like to get my titles intriguin :stuck_out_tongue: and i am still in one piece thanks god.

Let’s take a slightly serious approach at the problem then.

Assuming it is a burglar, who could have entered through windows or locked doors as well, perhaps the roof, I doubt you could do a lot with your knife. Especially if they have, for example, a pistol. Call your parents. If they are not available, call the police. The chances that a burglar are wearing “heavy boots”, however, are rather small. The last thing you want to do when breaking into somebody’s property is drawing unwanted attention.

Assuming it is a ghost, then your knife is just not going to make the cut. (summoning @SteveAdamo for the rimshot). You could try getting a vacuum, but I’ve heard there’s a lot of vacuum cleaners that just suck and therefore are not effective against ghosts. You could try calling a priest (or your religions equivalent) to perform an exorcism (or something similar) on your house/possessed object.


Check round your house and see if there is anything missing,

Is the ghost/burglar thing better now? See if you can get Mace or Pepper Spray.

I dont know how it is in your country. But the general advise from experts is just dont do aggressive things. Burglars in general are out for your goods, not to hurt you. In fact they would rather not hurt you.
I think it is a bad advise especially for young people like ownerpure5 ot get a mace or pepper spray. Just sit in the corner or try to reach the parents, neighbours or police.

confusion doenst quite cover my initial reaction here… @ownerpure5, status report?

i certainly dont want to dismiss your fear, if indeed this was a sincere post… i must admit im confused that posting on a forum, asking for help, would cross your mind! i would be too rattled to do anything else but grab a bat and venture out to club someone…

of course, a parents protective instincts are fairly motivational… :smile:

Well, I guess it’s better than Twitter, right? “heard #HeavyBoots in #LivingRoom#BurglarOrGhost @LocalPolice? #Casper2014


Perhaps there was the hope that our collective conscience would serve to shield @ownerpure5 from harm.

Or maybe there was hope that any possibly intruder would also browse the forums and upon seeing this post beat a hasty retreat?


how can this place be packed with folks so twisted, and yet, clearly, so caring? :smile:

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I’m good guys. :3 dont worry

I bet this is the burglars. They are holding out little threadmaker and just try to act like everything is ok through his account. Maybe we should ask the secret codeword. Or put @SteveAdamo in his hero-suit and send him over.

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Thank goodness. I’ll be sleeping well tonight then!

Anyway, I think we can close this one up and hope that the mysterious figure hasn’t housed himself inside your wardrobe or under your bed.

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i wasnt able to make it over, so i sent my cousin Stanley…