Playing with the food (rotating plates)

When a female hearthling grabs some food we can see some odd stuff happening.
First, the item will face a different direction based on the sex of the hearthling. This is easier too see with asymmetrical items. I have an item that points toward the hearthling mouth, but with females it points the other way.
Second, while eating, females will keep rotating the food with every bite. The item is facing a direction, and when she grab a piece to eat the item smoothly rotates 180º. After the bite, the item jumps back to 0º.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for hearthlings to get hungry
  2. Observe both males and females eating
  3. Males hold their items and eat. Females do it with the item facing the other direction and rotating it.

Expected Results: Girls should have manners.

Actual Results: Girls playing with food

Notes: I observed this behavior with all food items. This kinda ruins items that looks good only facing a specific direction.

Version Number and Mods in use: r572

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