Plates not being eaten!

This happens every time a villager is grabbing a plate of food and the town defense mode is activated.


When I first saw this, I thought you were saying that the villagers where eating just the food and not the plate… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


german funny sentence - what comes to the table must be eaten - the nightbour must all be eaten

This bug has been hanging around for a while. Finally fixed for the next release!


What the hell is nightbour!?

I didn’t get the joke, and what is a nightbour?

neighbour^^ little writing error and the question is if the translation doesnt kill the humour ^^

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i was guessing thats what you meant, and though the translation slightly messes up the sentence, i can still get the general idea. it made me laugh rather hard, and now my family thinks im insane :laughing:


and thats just the little and nice version :wink:

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Now you have me curious, what’s the big and bad version?

dont be bad with me :wink: you have want it :stuck_out_tongue:

[SPOILER] one of them: “Mommy, Mommy, I like doent like Grandma/little bother.” "Shut up. It will be eaten, what’s on your plate!"
another: the familie sitting at the table and its an evening like always… the daughter text with her handy and the son doenst want to eat his vegetable … like always the dad gets angry screams at the end … SHUT UP - IT WILL BE EATEN, WHAT´S ON YOUR PLATE! in this moment the ceiling breaks and the black neighbour) alls on the table … the dad cant stop his screaming and says THE N**GER MUST BE EMPTY! [/SPOILER]

I don’t get German humour…

The reporter’s face at the end is also my face when reading your jokes…


ok this jokes are very bad xD the problem is with the translation ^^ its like the jokes of the loadingscreen - when you translate them they make no sense - like the joke from spaceballs with jam the radar :wink: or whats the difference between peanut butter and jam … so there are three meanings for jam and in german has a word only one meaning ^^

Geez… be careful with your language, people! :angry:

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