Plate of berry good or not?

here :

so it is good ? or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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All food items have this two parameter: how “prepared” they are and how “tasty”.

Berries are not a final product, so they are considered raw (while food made by the cook is considered cooked). Meanwhile it is tasty because they like its flavor (while some food are not tasty, even if cooked)

If I’m not mistaken, bread is the opposite. It is cooked, but not tasty.

haha i actually never noticed the negative one from berries, so i just asumed they where crazy with berries…Better promote a cook soon then :jubilant: Cooked berries equal jam right? i guess we need jam to put on that bread @BrunoSupremo!

Thanks for the post @artifus, it made me smile :merry: