Planet Stonehearth?

I had a passing thought today and I thought i would share it here. How would the planets/universe work in Stonehearth, it wound’t affect the gameplay at all but it would be interesting to discuss. Would the Stonehearth planet be alone in space? or would it be similar to our universe?


If there were to be other lands implemented, it would be dimensions, not likely planets, because that would require space travel.

That’s actually a pretty interesting question. Considering the fact that there are many groups of settlers willing to go travel across the world to set up new cities, we have to assume that its a fairly large, unexplored planet. (Also, space travel would be pretty dang cool. Imagine getting to very late game, building up a decent sized space ship and journeying to a slightly different planet (as in terrain, mobs, etc.) the twist being that, since its a spaceship, you have limited space for food/settlers/technology/tools etc.)

celestial bodies havent been mentioned, but given the general period in time the world of SH will most closely resemble (medieval), space travel is an unlikely concept to appear in the game… traveling to alternate planes however, is all the rage… :smile:


The sun and moon have been and we know they’re cubes. Their form of gravity must be very different from ours to form cubic masses as celestial bodies. This would suggest that gravity wouldn’t create wells in space time as in our universe but cubes. This would mean you wouldn’t have spiral or elliptical galaxies but cubic ones right? It would also suggest that things like gravitational lensing would work extremely differently. Since we know the world itself exists as a cube then we know there can only be seasons if the axis is tilted like on earth. We already know that there are seasons on this world because of the developers so this means that objects can be on orbits in X,Y and Z and so the solar system is not planar.

If the larger world mimics the atomic world as it does in our universe does it mean all their atoms are cubes? If so how does that affect when those atoms reach critical mass? We already know shape affects that in our world.

This is assuming that their universe works within the same rules as ours. But considering they use magic and know alternate planes (dimensions) exist then the rules of their physics are very far from ours.

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I thought it was an infinite expanse, which implies that we can basically throw physics out the window as even something like simple like light having a speed is useless here due to infinite distance. Maybe if you had a sphere of infinite diameter? or alternatively the world is some of kind of extra dimensional thing? It’s complex stuff once you bring in infinite surfaces.


I haven’t heard about other planets before! But here:

Alternate Planes: Many dimensions lurk beneath the fabric of reality. Lured by the promise of untold riches and arcane secrets, your bravest townsfolk open portals to previously unknown realms. What could possibly go wrong?
Through the door I saw… the sky. The sky at night, when the stars fill one end of the horizon to the other. Except… the stars were ordered in perfect rows, like corn in the field. And little round plates studded with rubies dashed around between them, jabbing lances of light at each other. One of the plates… flew apart as I watched. In a ball of fire!
…No more mushrooms for me.
– From the diary of Archmage Twellot

It isn’t exactly a different planet! But can feel like one :slight_smile:

The surface isn’t infinite it simply has not been measured. The surface you travel in Stonehearth is what’s measured or known. Moreover who’s to say that passing over a cliff doesn’t put you on another face of the planet? The speed of light is still applicable because they have a day/night cycle. If the world was infinite you would be in constant darkness as light would struggle to travel to your eyes while traversing the infinite distance. Keep in mind to be infinite the world would have to be constantly growing. This would easily skew distances, because one day you could measure a walk to a tree as 25ft and the next it’s 30ft because the infinite world has displaced mass.

Moreover if you state the planet is infinite you’re stating it’s mass is infinite because it must continue to grow. That means they’re living on a black hole and Stonehearthians are guaranteed to have civilization end as the game progresses. Think of it this way we’re all designed to work at 9.8Gs if the world were to constantly increase in gravity there would come a point where all buildings would no longer be able to handle the strain, our knees would buckle and we would be forced to the ground. Mathematically whenever you step over part of the Earth you’re discovering part of its radius. This means with X amount of land discovered (read grown because it infinitely appeared) you actually need to recalculate the planets volume 4/3(3.14)X and use the planet’s mean density to figure out the difference in mass before and after.


I assume every world we create with the universe of the game. Are alternate realities but the mods we create are other worlds. You can advoid traveling in space by building portals or gates that would take you from world to world.

So you mean like a multiverse? Or do you mean each new game is like a new world in one universe until we mod it and make a brand new universe parallel to the original?

That’s another interesting concept. Where do the Alternate planes come in? Are they the portals that lead us to new realms?

if you’re asking in regards to the stretch goal (as opposed to some other intellectual discussion on the matter of alternate realities), you may find some answers here:smile:

Lol I know that they’re in the game it was more in reference to the makeup of this universe that is unfolding.

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that’s… what i figured… :blush:

carry on!

I know. You just haven’t seen me on consistently and were checking to see if I was still Stonehearth saavy. Don’t worry friend I’m as sharp as a tack! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, I see each of the worlds. We create to be part of a multiverse of alternate realities. I believe like the mods, the Alternate planes are other worlds. I’m guessing we will travel to them by using portals.

I wanna see your Celestial Body @SteveAdamo, if ya know what I mean :wink:



hahahaha… dare to dream my friend…

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That’s actually incorrect, as per the blog.

The speed of light is inapplicable because it both has a day/night cycle and is of infinite size, therefore light must be of infinite speed and be able to travel anywhere instantaneously. As stated in previous posts, the presence of an infinite world requires rewriting a lot of physics (depending on it’s shape). For example with the day/night cycle you cannot have a sun/moon orbit the world so you’d need to figure out how to replicate that without that, that’s why I proposed the sphere idea because it makes things much simpler to deal with even if it results in things like the sun/moon orbiting the world.

Why? We’ve already established it is infinite and normal physics doesn’t apply to whose say it can’t just be of a constant infinite size. Why does it have to be growing?

Even assuming it was growing isn’t this negated by the fact it also has infinite volume? Since gravity is effectively a product of both mass and distance wouldn’t that cancel it out? Trying to compare relative infinities is a fair bit convoluted. Otherwise I’m going to have fall back to physics doesn’t work the same here. We also know that the size of the land cannot be equal to only what we know because we can encounter things that come from what we don’t know, like goblins attacks. They can still occur even if I don’t explore.

As for alternate planes and worlds? Not sure, the little fragments from the kickstarter are the only info we have and they are incredibly poor at best and outdated and completely useless at worst.


I ain’t no physics guy, but doesn’t “infinite” indicate that it would be never ending? And to be never-ending, that implies that if you were a being that never dies (immortal) you could conceivably walk in the same direction through out time, and never reach the end of the land…but the only way that would be possible is for that land to be growing at a speed that either equals or exceeds your walking speed.

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But then for any given amount of walking it must be of a size that you haven’t reached the end yet. Therefore there must be a size where you haven’t reached the end with an infinite amount of walking (an infinite size obviously), what is to stop it from starting at that size?

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