Placing things on the ceiling

A quick question to more experienced modders out there. Is there a way to make things placeable on the roof/second floor? Like trapdoors, ceiling windows, chandeliers etc?


Placing anything ‘upwards’ seems problematic right now. Basic issue is that the camera gets pretty screwy, especially when it hits something - honestly this has been so bad that I haven’t tried putting things on the ceiling yet. Do objects even allow it?

I have no idea - as far as I know currently there are no such objects. But when we’re talking doors/windows, they are visible both from the top and bottom so there should be no trouble with the camera.

It’s really not what I think you want, but you can align your model downwards so that you place it on the floor, but it appears below instead. I have no idea if this will work visually however, as, for example, the object will probably still count as being above the ceiling…

Well, depending on where you place the physical center of model, it could appear to be below the floor, on the roof, but it would still actually be on the floor you put it on.

Hm. Well, yes, not exactly… but it will do as a (temporary) workaround. Thanks.
But that’ll only work with props. The question with working windows/trapdoors still remains.