Placing Doors and Windows

Hmm it worked on the door I tried it on when I clicked 3 times… now when I am testing it on the window it doesnt work… I had the door on top of the slab … I will test to have the slab in front of the door and see if it happen the same

It seems now that if you delete all the slabs the hearthlings are no longer able to build the window. You will need to leave one slab somewhere in order to re-select the building and get a working build button.
So, find a spot where you don’t mind having a slab, a hole in the wall or in the floor for example. Connect it to the window hole in the usual fashion. Place the window and delete the connection to that slab. Select the slab to get the build button back and click “build”.
Relyss’ mod slabs with terrain colours may be of help with those offending last slabs.
Slabs with terrain colours

I hope this helps, Kyth.

did you read what I said ? :slight_smile:

In case you are building a whole free block wall you need to include the windows in the wall before it is built. The wall itself serves as the last slab.

Have fun, Kyth.

I’ll try that too. lets see what happens. :wink:

Hmm I accidently deleted the wrong message…

or I cant see the hahaha message

What I wrote so other can see what I deleted was something like this:

Hahaha no need Kyth… Just click like crazy on the door or window it works :smiley: before and after the slabs has been deleted


When it was only for testing a guy came after a few seconds and wanted me to give him 6 wooden swords and he would give me 2 bronze armors after 3 days…
I thought… “Cool” :P…
What I didnt thought about is that the merchants are random and thought that the same guy would come when I reloaded the save… gah :smiley: I am in the beginning and havnt made any armor yet…
I reloaded instead of console and destroy…
Had to destroy or reload because I tested this on the ground where I didnt wanted it to be anything and I choosed the wrong option :smiley:

I forgot to say that you have to leave the edit window before clicking on the window or door like crazy …click on the harvest icon or something

Confirmed! If you click like mad on the window the build button comes back. You can then click on it and the hearthlings will build the window… funny!

Have fun, Kyth

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Ok here is my steps…

  1. click on the build & design button

  2. click on design building.¨

  3. place a slab on the ground or wall or on another item that you have made (dont click on the finished editing)
    (If you are going to put a window or a door on a wall you need to look at the pictures that shows how to place the slabs that Kythandra showing at the top of this thread but dont follow the steps only the slab pictures and then come back here.)

  4. Click on “Place Item” button… NOT the furniture (chair) button like someone thought earlier in this thread :smiley:

  5. select window or what ever you want to place. (You need to have the items built at the carpenter or mason bench)

  6. place the item on top or the front of the slab or where ever you want the item… (Dont close the place item window)

  7. This step is little bit tricky so read this step carefully if you want to succeed
    Sometimes the item disappear or choosing the slabs when you are doing this step so be careful…
    if your item is wooden diamond window and your slab is made of stone it will show both window and stone if you are doing it correctly…
    your items in the stockpile or chest wont disappear if your ghost item do it.
    They will only disappear from the stash when the villager is taking the item to put it on place
    Now for step 7
    click at the corner of your ghost item area (square) 2 - 3 times. (half of a second between the clicks) and click on “build” in the new window that pops up that is called “Building designer - Building no …”

  8. click on the “ghost slabs”

  9. use the eraser and delete the slab or slabs

  10. close the design building window

  11. unpause the game and watch the villagers build what you wanted them to build :smiley:

If they dont build that you want them to.
Do the steps again or there might be a bug or something that has been changed in a future patch that makes it impossible

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Changed the first post to add the new process. Credits to you @Roggah :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.

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I like to help and tell other what I did to make it work so they dont need to rip their hair off from the head because they getting crazy because then they will look like me :smiley:

Bald but not because of ripping my hair off :smiley:

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I have edited my steps alittle so it bacame more understandable or how to say… I am a tired Swede that needs to go to sleep thats why I forget some words… :smiley: but I will keep on playing little bit more… Guess I will be tired at work tomorrow :)… 11:55 PM now

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Thanks for showing this Kythandra i just uploaded a video to spread this :slight_smile:

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something is wrong with the forum…

I am trying to write new steps and when I am writing the steps as numbers like step 1 and so on… it comes back the same number like 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 instead of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 like I wrote it … hmm strange …

I wanted space between the meanings or what it is called but then it started from number 1 again

I can’t help you with that. I sometimes have problems with it too :slight_smile:

Have Fun, Kyth.

I guess your guide is good but I didnt got it to work with the slab and door or did you had problems with them as well?
Leave your guide as it is and I will try it again tomorrow.
Thanks for the credit :slight_smile:
liked the video that Banto sent. :slight_smile: time to zzzz

I just want to tell that your guide still works but you need to leave the window where you are editing after you delete the slabs I thought that you still could be in that window and click at finished editing… My way was toooooo crazy but it works sometimes but hard to succeed :smiley: your way is much easier … take the credits back I dont deserve it :smiley: but you do :smiley:

I think that I will delete my “crazy guide” now but add on your guide that the player need to leave the building designer window after deleting the slabs and not only click on the ghost window when you are in edit and then click on the “ghost window” again… tired and crazy people like I was yesterday dont get it LOL

I wait for you to say if you want me to delete it or not or maybe you can flag it when you see it… maybe funny reading for other players :smiley:

another thing… I used to play this game last year or 2014 and found tutorials on youtube about basements for the houses and edit rooms on exsisting buildings but now when I am looking for that tutorial I cant find them… do you know where they are?

EDIT !!! : I found it and it was not on youtube it was here Basement/cellar tool … I am tired again and only searched for a video tutorial on youtube and not screenshots… LOL

Leave it for now. I tried your way yesterday and it worked for me. Tomorrow, I’ll test it again to double check the exact procedure (way too late to do it now). I’ll let you know then. thanks :wink: I just changed the first post edit, btw.

Have Fun, Kyth.

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