Placeable empty doorways

It would be cool if we could place blank areas on walls, so for example, you could line up a row of blank “arched doorways” to create a wall that was more like a series of columns

Would be nice to have, it would also make an “Open-plan” style home more available as I live in a house with a lot of arches instead of doors and I think it would look quite nice in the land of Hearth

I would rather they just allow full editing of a building after you build it… if i want to tear down a single wall i should be able to… if i want to remove a single part of a road that i messed up on i should be able to without having to delete the entire road… if they can fix this system then this suggestion wouldnt be necessary.

I am confused about what you are looking for (and it is probably just me confused, but…) is this what you would like?

sort of, basically, the idea is instead of placing say a door, under the door options there would be an empty doorway. So If I wanted a gap in the wall without a door I could have it, and if I wanted to put several in a row I could create something like what you made. Or something like this

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Oh! That seems a lot simpler than what I was imagining. I would assume (and I could be very wrong) that this would be something that could be implemented quickly. Let me ask the devs to find out.

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