Picture of Yourself Thread

So, yep. I thought we needed a picture of yourself thread, in which we can look at in times of anger. If you’re stuck in a flame war with another person, you can gaze at their face and feel better and empathize with yourself and the other person better.

Either that or its an attempt by the NSA to monitor you :frowning:


Ehh. No thanks. I prefer to keep myself anonymous.

It’s an older picture too. I’ve replaced the bad hat since then.


Seriously, what is that thing protruding from your head? I’m getting worried, man. :frowning:

I’m tempted to post a real image, seeing as I’ve already posted a few of Isabella … I dunno though, you know how jealous @Geoffers747 can get…

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What do you mean, “real image”? Are you saying we didn’t post real pictures? Are you making fun of me and @Swift_Cube?


An image… of STEVE!

This could satisfy my burning curiosity, or confirm my worst horrors.

It could lead to a bit of a mixed reaction, though…


I don’t know why, but I used to imagine @SteveAdamo Steve as Jim Carrey with a really big sombrero.

Now that I know his italian side, I imagine him like Don Corleone, ruling over the board as if it was his own tiny New York.

Go figure.


I’m not sure I understand how pretending to be arguably the most vicious, and certainly the most prolific, murderer in the history of the planet is appropriate, much less funny. Maybe you should stick to discussing Stonehearth, and not make light of brutal repression.


Without arguing about the severe horrors he summoned and crimes he committed, he is one of the best known persons on this planet. Anyone has at least seen him once and I think it’s somewhat fair to say that it’s one of those few figures that, if you posted a picture pretending to be that person, only very few would actually believe it.

At least in Europe, there is little talk about what he actually did - and so most people just know his name, that he was some Russian guy and of course, what he looked like. The image and the person itself are completely detached.

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Me at the beach.


Of course no one actually thinks he’s Josef Stalin. However, just imagine the fallout if he had posted a picture of Adolf Hitler and said it was him in his younger years. No one would be laughing. Josef Stalin murdered and jailed and repressed a hell of a lot more people, for a lot longer. That people are grossly ignorant of history is no excuse for being tactless and crass.


You must be pretty new on the internet…

I’m not sure if it’s ignorance. At which point becomes something of the past acceptable to joke about? A hundred years? Two hundred? A thousand?

Of course there’s also the “learning by witnessing” part of it - you can either keep the memory of those people (and indirectly, for those interested, their story) alive or you forget them. Since forgetting about history is quite a bad thing to do (it repeats itself after all), I would say a joke is more appropriate than silence. It’s keeping the topic “alive” and might even be able to spread - which is more valuable than playing Minitrue.


gently shifts conversation towards something a bit lighter

this pretty much nails my look… although my teeth arent quite as nice:


Let’s dispense with the pretense that he is diminishing the stature of Stalin’s legacy by poking fun at him. He isn’t. He is, without guile, light-heartedly evoking the specter of one of history’s two most evil people, with not the slightest indication that he thinks there’s anything wrong with the man. At best that’s a disturbing paucity of education. I of course give @Swift_Cube the benefit of the doubt and assume he intended no malice, which is why I posted a gentle remonstration, rather than an angry rebuke.

Here you go…

This is me taking a dip in the pool…it’s a deep pool.

I am somewhere in this picture. Go find me!

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Not my best pic, but I think I look great

lookin a little there, might want to eat a sandvich…

Here is a quick selfie of me…

Nope, That’s not true, @Geoffers747 is one of them as well. I think he will feel a bit hurt now that you left him out.

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