Picking/dropping up Items

I think thats really amazing that there are only six of you. In all your free time :laughing: do you mind describing how you individually and as a group got started/involved in developing this game? I have enjoyed trying to post and help out where I can

(As a commonly asked cliche side comment…Developing and designing games like this is something i always wanted to do. But learning to code as a side project seems like an overwhelming task on top of my average joe job. Can you comment on how you all started? If this is in a thread somewhere can you point me to it.)

I saved just before this error occur…
but when i loaded the save… not error and all guy go to lunch…
18 days, 11/5/5

guys, if you have the not eating problem, pause the game and wait for the preformance bar(bottem right) to become green
i know what ppl mean by “not eating” but i sometimes purposely dont pause the game untill they finish what they where doing, then i pause, let it process, and then its dinner time

although when they do go for food they drop all the items on the spot(like the endless loop) exept after dropping they go for food
so maybe somewhere there is a link to get them stuck in that loop

testing needed, keep the info flowing guys(unless a dev stops by to tell that a solution has been found)

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ive managed to reproduce the issue in a new game, ill put down the steps i took @sdee

1.start new game
2.make 4x4 storage no.1
3.cut down trees to fill up storage(let it fill up)
4.make 4x4 storage no.2
5.change filter on no.1 to not allow wood(they will start moving to no.2)
6.change filter on no.1 to allow wood again
7.change filter on no.2 to not allow wood
8.profit(endless loop)

ive talked about the issue before that items removed from storage this way doesnt mark the storage emty
but to add to that: hearthlings pick up items, they know there is space, but dont see available space

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Perhapse this should be proposed in the suggestions category but…wouldn’t it be helpful if we could designate the zone before placing it. I assume placing it first with the default ‘everything included’ stockpile setting sets this on the wrong path from the start.

@FaulkofSeagulls I’d agree - Sometimes my hearthlings begin filling my stockpiles with anything before I’ve designated them. I mean this could be confusing for new players, but maybe it could be an option.

EDIT: I created a topic about it in the suggestion category: Stockpiles - Have a "Default Stockpile" button

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I have experienced the pick up and drop loop bug with/without crates and with/without moving or modifying multiple stock piles. I have one game where i didnt change any stock piles, had one building to build and some mining to do, yet most of my hearthlings just stood there picking items up and dropping them over and over again. had several mostly empty include everything stock piles, and hadnt modified or moved them.

then maybe there are other situations where the storage gets messed up
in the end what i see is: guy gets a job-> guy picks up item-> doesnt know what to do with it(like unable to reach destination?)-> drops the item(as a safty mechanism?)

i dont think crates are the issue, becouse i never use them
i only figured the reproducing out so the devs dont have to ask for saves all the time
maybe it also happends at some point when building?(i never build)

you could try the collision debug mode to see it in action
FAIR WARNING: using it may cause major lag, or even crashes, so save before using
info on how to turn it on can be found here Controls - Official Stonehearth Wiki


cool ill try that. thanks

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Paging @not_owen_wilson, who has made huge improvements in this area.

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So when you reach >25 peoples it a commun fact. all do this…
I think it is a overloaded system with the pathfinding and pathfinding nav grid.
If i stop the time, the navgrid + pathfinding calculate… and after 5-10s, the green bar indicate the idel time… if i start time --> all go work normaly. but after 1mn i have to do the same process… If i dont do this all release item, wait 1-2s and g re pick item , wait 2-3s release item etc…

It is a mechanism with the process of give order and calculate what to do and do it… but if the calculation is give by navigrid/pathfinding the system is overloaded and the security say to guy to stop the work --> release item etc…

with my save is is easy to see that.

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i belive it isnt caused by pathfinding, but this issue makes the pathfinding blow up(and lua process)
its like its known that there is place to store the items, but the collision squares on the stockpile are missing(consider it point B in the pathfinding), so ppl pick up items but never find their way

i think this is not an overload issue, follow the steps i made above here in a new game, no overloading happening, but still endless picking up

in the end, ill see the message from sdee as an confirmation that it has been worked on
so we should now have patience and wait for the next build available to us

r450, I’m seeing this issue as well. Day 27. All 23 of the Hearthlings are picking up and dropping stones in a full stone stockpile, even though open stockpiles accepting stone are available.

Issuing attack or rally orders will temporarily stop them and redirect them to the open stone stockpiles, but afterwards they continue the pick up/drop behavior until they get hungry or sleepy.

for me these issues have stopped, try removing and replacing the stockpile(not crates)
the ai has changed since 2534(when we had the issue), i think it calculates the whole path of picking up and dropping in 1 go now
can you reproduce this issue with a new stockpile? or better yet, a new game? i whould love to hear what you find

to avoid confusion make sure to mention stockpile and crates as 2 diffrent things(the old issue was mainly with stockpile in my experience)

Hello. I couldn’t find a topic that seemed like it had my exact problem so I decided to go ahead and post this here. I don’t know what exactly is going on or the best way to explain but I will try to accomplish it. Every now and then (gets worse the further away people are from my base), the workers will go over and collect some of the items like normal; however, instead of bringing the items back to a supply zone, the worker will instead stand there for several moments and do nothing. After a few moments, they will completely empty their inventory wherever they happen to be standing and then proceed to pick everything back up again and repeat the process. Sometimes, putting a storage area somewhere near the items tends to help the problem, but not always. This doesn’t happen often near my base, its only when things are somewhat far away that I start running into this problem. Any suggestions/advice is highly welcome to solving this problem. Or maybe guidance to a relative topic if there was one and I just missed it.

You shoud mark this as an active bug and if you search on Picking/dropping items, is that what you mean? (Cant link on my phone sorry)

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I finally have a bit of info on this.

The picking up/dropping behavior seems to occur en masse when Hearthlings are holding items but there are no available stockpile spaces to store those items…

In a recent v453 game i saw this behavior when a stockpile storing plants became full. Every Hearthling that had plants in their inventory stood in the stockpile (not a crate) and dropped all the items then picked them up again. This behavior continued until I placed a new crate, which was quickly filled up with plants.

I usually use crates for storage and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t see this behavior occur until I used a stockpile for storage.

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It does seem to occur less often if you are only using crates for storage. The storage spaces tend to cause the largest problems. Though at the same time, I still have the problem even with crates when dealing with things that are far from my main base. Especially from mines and goblin camps (or just loot in general). My entire storage area is Crates and yet they will still derp about when they have to get loot from a far away place (and Im not even talking across map).

Thanks for the reports, everyone! We do know about this issue, and Tony is working on a fix. However, it is a large fix. For now, try saving/reloading when it happens.

I don’t know if it’s related to this issue but yesterday I had a problem with my heartlings dropping stuff all over my village and there is no way to get them to pick it up again and put it in the correct storage since it’s neither loot or harvestable.