Pic Suggestions : Amity Relation System

Hello~ nice to meet you.
Now, I talk about my new suggestion, Amity Relation System.

This system has three NPC races.
Player can communicate them, so get their culture and experience of amity effects.

You can see amity infomation in Town overview.
The point number’s color follow amity race color.

The starting relation is “Neutrality”, Zero point.
It is non relate other NPC races.

When one of races send request, player can help them or disregard.
The amity relation point will follow player activity.

This point only move linearly.
Each race amity point’s maximum is 50.

And when player has 50 point, the point is lock.
What did the Player, point never down at lock state.

The NPC races. Bandit, Royal Guard and Scavenger.
Bandit and Royal Guard has rival relation.
But scavenger want not relate anyone.

I will detail explain for them in next week.

When player has particular conditions, will meet a npc race and get a quest.
If player solve it, get 1 ~ 5 amity point.

The quest has three types.
1.Resource Support (point : 1~2)
2.Defence to monster (point : 2~4)
3.Attack to conflict(rival) race (point : 5, The Scavenger has not rival race, so it is replaced with monsters.)

If player disregard quest, amity race’s point is reduce.
It’s follow quest amity point, apply half.
(Scavenger state, not half)

When player help rival race, amity race’s point is reduce.
It’s follow quest amity point, but apply double.
(Scavenger state, triple)

A Player has upper 25 amity point, rival race look the player as the enemy.
And they will take battle to player.

The many amity point will carry some benefits.
Player will takes that at amity race’s merchant.

This system has an effect on multiplay.
Each player in accordance with the amity races of the game to a more complex.
Because of the game will be very interesting.

Thanks for reading my pic suggestion.
See you later.


Does not matter if you’re for or against this.

take notice kids, this is how you make a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry. I live not english language nation.
so please understand, it’s hard to understand the suggestion.
Thank you.


it was meant as positive :slight_smile:

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